Whether you are interested in Home Childcare, Nursery School or one of our Resource Center Programs, this page aims to help you understand how to register.

We don’t offer online registration because when it comes to our programs, we usually need to talk with you first. And we’re happy to do that. So, on this page, we have listed each of our key programs and for each program, have described the Key Steps in the registration process.

Wherever possible we also provide forms you can print off and complete once you have decided to proceed with registration. Can’t print our forms? We can provide you with any of the documents needed for registration.

Home Childcare

Metcalfe Home Daycare Agency (MHDC) is a non-profit, providing licensed Home Childcare to families in Ottawa’s rural south and beyond since 1983. Licensed under the Ministry of Education, we proudly serve families throughout an expanding Ottawa South community including Osgoode Ward, Rideau Ward, South Gloucester and the surrounding rural villages. We are part of Rural Family Connections, a registered charity.


Then contact us to discuss the option of Licensed Daycare in the home of a carefully selected provider. One of the main reasons families choose Metcalfe Home Day Care for their childcare needs is that we maintain a relationship with you and with the Home Childcare provider, monitoring the care provided, to ensure it consistently meets your needs and all legislated requirements. See Why Families Choose us for more details. If you are considering becoming a Home Childcare Provider see Job Opportunities. See Why Providers Work With Us to learn about the benefits of providing child care through Metcalfe Home Day Care.

Register for Home Childcare with Metcalfe Home Day Care Agency today!

Step 1 – Call the Rural Family Connections office and talk with us! We’ll arrange an “Intake Interview” during which we’ll answer all your questions about our Metcalfe Home Day Care Agency. During this meeting we’ll explore your specific childcare needs including schedule and any specialized requirements you may have. This meeting will take place with our Director or Executive Director of Rural Family Connections both of whom act as Home Visitors.

Step 2 – Please download the following document.

The MHDC Parent Handbook which describes and includes:

  • Our service
  • Our Policies
  • Our Fees
  • Child’s Application for Care
  • Transportation Policy
  • Parent Agreement Parent Permission Form

Note: Provide a copy of your child’s immunization card (we can photocopy this for you in our office).

Step 3 – Once we have received your completed documentation (Step 2), we will arrange a “Match Visit” with a prospective provider. We accompany you to these meetings and arrange the match based on the needs we discussed in the Intake Interview.

Step 4 – If you are satisfied with the Provider you met during your ‘Match Visit’ (Step 3), we’ll confirm a start date with you, ensure all paperwork is completed and obtain your payment for the first month’s child care.

Note: If you are considering becoming a Home Daycare Provider see Job Opportunities page.

Metcalfe Cooperative Nursery School

Metcalfe Cooperative Nursery School is a great place for kids to enjoy their first preschool experiences and it’s a great opportunity to prepare your child for kindergarten!

Our Nursery School programs are designed to help your child grow socially, physically, and intellectually and to provide the building blocks needed to nurture a confident, independent child with healthy self-esteem. See Programs for more details about our Toddler (18 months to 2 1/2 years) and Preschooler (2 1/2 years to JK age) programming.


Our school year runs from September through mid-June each year. Registration begins in May and continues through September. After September, spaces may still be available. Call us to discuss your needs anytime, no matter how late in the school year! TUITION FEES are listed in the current year’s Registration Form (see below).

Step 1: Call us to discuss your needs.

Step 2: Request a copy of our Member Handbook. This Handbook will provide you with information about our school, its programs and other aspects of being a member of the Metcalfe Cooperative Nursery School, including your responsibilities as a member of a “co-op”.

Step 3: Once you’ve decided to proceed with registration, complete the following:

Submit these, along with your $55 non-refundable registration fee and post-dated cheques for the school year, as described in the Registration Form. Bring your registration materials to the Nursery School during program hours (8140 Victoria Street, lower level) or to our Rural Family Connections office at 8243 Victoria Street, Lower Level.

Step 4: Submit a A Police Records Check form as required by the Ministry of Education, along with the Director’s Fee Waiver Letter directly to your local Police Services Station as part of becoming a member at our school. Please refer to the Police Records Check Procedure for full instructions.  You can also apply for an on-line PRC by following this link:  https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/about-us/Online-Police-Record-Checks.asp

Note: There is a fee for the Police Records Check. As a volunteer, you can have this fee waived by requesting a Fee Waiver Letter from the school Director.   Call us to request a Fee Waiver Letter.


KinderCamp is a July summer camp program for children aged 2.5 to 7 years. We include lots of outdoor play, crafts and science activities. Registration begins during March break and continues until the spaces are filled. Registration is on a first come, first served basis.

KinderCamp 2019 will run for 4 weeks beginning July 8th to Aug 2nd.

To register for KinderCamp, complete the following (the KinderCamp 2019 Registration form will be available in March 2019):

Bring your registration materials and fees to the Nursery School during program hours (8140 Victoria Street, lower level) or to our Rural Family Connections office at 8243 Victoria Street, Lower Level. Registration is confirmed when your child’s form and fees are delivered.