Metcalfe Nursery School

        COVID-19 Procedures

            Please review the Safety Guidelines before applying for nursery school programs.

This document will be reviewed and revised as new information is shared by the Ministry of Education and Ottawa Public Health.

Our Programs

Following the traditional school year our Toddler Program (18 to 30m) and Preschool Program (2.5 to 4.5 yrs) run from September through mid-June.  In the summer we offer KinderCamp, 4-weeks of themed camps for children 2.5 – 6 years. Some of our staff have worked with the preschoolers of MNS for two generations! We select our teachers for their skills, education, teaching style and experience within early childhood education. To learn about our current teaching staff, please visit our About Page.

“Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, make this world a beautiful garden.”

Why Nursery School?

While participating in our programming, families have opportunities to  be involved in their child’s learning environment.  Volunteer possibilities are offered but not mandatory.

MNS offers high-quality play-based education within a supportive community of parents and professionally qualified teachers. We believe that children excel by learning through play in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Toddler Program

18 months – 2 ½ years
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Sept – mid-June

Encouraging independence
Exploring their environment
Developing language
Individual goals

Preschool Program

2 ½ years – 4 ½ years
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
9:00 AM – noon or  9:00AM – 2:00 PM
Sept – mid-June

Pre-Reading and Pre-Math skills
Creative, imaginative, cognitive and motor skills
Kindergarten preparation


When do the programs run?

Toddler Program
18 months – 2 ½ years
Tuesday & Friday
9:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sept – mid-June

Preschool Program
2 ½ years – 4 ½ years
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
9:00 AM – noon OR 9:00 to 2 PM
Sept – mid-June


What is the cost?

2021/2022 Tuition*
(10% sibling discount applies to the second tuition)
Toddler Program: 2-days/week: $200 per month
Preschool Program: 2-days/week (9am to noon)  : $175 per month
Preschool Program: 2 days/wk (9am to 2pm) : $290 per month         Preschool Program: 3-days/wk (9am to noon) : $235 per m.                Preschool Program: 3-days/wk (9am to 2pm) : $350 per m.                 Registration fee: $75 per family

* Our fee structure is subject to review each year and therefore subject to change. If there is a discrepancy between fees listed on our website or in any other location and fees communicated by our Rural Family Connections Office, the fee information provided directly through our office overrides that of any other source.

We issue Childcare Tax Receipts for each child’s tuition. In addition, Metcalfe Nursery School is part of the registered charity, Rural Family Connections. Therefore, a portion of each child’s tuition fees is eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

What are your class sizes & ratios?

Toddler Program
15 toddlers maximum
1:3 – 1:5 ratio, depending on class size

Preschool Program
24 children maximum
1:5 – 1:8 ratio, depending on class size

Do you support potty training?
Children in diapers are welcome in both our Toddler and Preschool programs. Teachers support toilet training efforts.
How much volunteer work is involved?

Required monthly ‘helping parent’ in-classroom days are no longer part of the Nursery School Program.  If parents are interested and available to volunteer during programming hours we welcome them in the classroom.   Parents who do wish to volunteer during program time will be required to submit a copy of a completed & current ‘Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector’.  (Volunteers are not on-site during the pandemic.  This will change as Covid-19 guidelines allow.)

RFC – MNS will host one or two annual fundraising events, parent participation is not required but we will be seeking volunteer help to help in organizing and during the event itself  for anyone interested.   Throughout the year we will have optional mini-fundraisers such as orders for Maple Syrup or honey, Purdy’s chocolate (March), Epicure or Pampered Chef.  Again member participation is not required but available and encouraged for those interested in ordering items and promoting the events.

Please note:  During the 2021 Covid Pandemic there will be no helping parent days as access to the indoor space is limited to students & teachers.

How do I register my child?

Please read our MNS Parent Handbook and then download our MNS Registration Form

For assistance, please contact Rural Family Connections at (613) 821-2899

Do you accept registrations year-round?
It is our preference to have children attend by the term, starting in either September or January, however, we do accept mid-term registrations. Please contact us for details.

Register for MNS

Our school year runs from September through mid-June each year. Registration begins in March and continues through September. After September, spaces may still be available. Call us to discuss your needs anytime, no matter how late in the school year!

Step 1Call us to discuss your needs.

Step 2: Request a copy of our Member Handbook. This Handbook will provide you with information about our school, its programs and other aspects of being a member of the Metcalfe Nursery School.

Step 3: Once you’ve decided to proceed with the registration, please complete the following:

Submit these, along with your $75 non-refundable registration fee and post-dated cheques (Payable to Rural Family Connections) for the school year (e-transfer option is also available), as described in the Registration Form. Bring your registration materials to the Nursery School during program hours (8140 Victoria Street, lower level) or to our Rural Family Connections office at 8243 Victoria Street, Lower Level.

Step 4: Apply on-line for a Police Records Check for the Vulnerable Sector by following this link:  A completed Police Records Check (Vulnerable Sector) form is required by the Ministry of Education as part of becoming a member at our school.

Note: There is a fee for the Police Records Check. As a volunteer, you can have this fee reduced by requesting a Fee Waiver Letter from the school Director.   Call us to request a Fee Waiver Letter.

Summer Camp!

MNS KinderCamp is a summer camp program for children ages 2 ½ to 6 years. Beginning in July, Kindercamps runs over 4 individual weeks, each with it’s own special theme. Children participate in a variety of activities including outdoor and indoor creative play, crafts, science activities and games. KinderCamp provides quality care for your child in a safe and stimulating environment along with summertime fun!

KinderCamp 2022

KinderCamp is a July summer camp program for children aged 2.5 to 6 years. We include lots of outdoor play, crafts and science activities. Registration begins mid-March and continues until the spaces are filled. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. KinderCamp schedules and registration details are available in the Register for KinderCamp section below beginning in mid-March each year. If you would like to join our mailing list, please contact us to get on our mailing list. 

Register for KinderCamp

To Register for KinderCamp, complete the following:

Send your completed registration form to or bring your registration materials and fees to our Rural Family Connections office at 8243 Victoria Street, Lower Level, or call the main office 613-821-2899 to arrange e-transfer for fees and alternate drop off methods.

Registration is confirmed when your child’s form and fees are delivered.

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